For the New Year of Chassidus, Connect and Learn The Alter Rebbe’s Torah Daily

Lekovod Yud-Tes Kislev, the Rosh Hashanah of Chassidus, Irgun Torah presents these insightful shiurim for you to connect daily to Chassidus!

Start the new tanya cycle with a clear and concise overview 2 minute summary of the daily tanya by Rabbi Mendel Gordon from the popular daily 1 minute sicha insights.

Connect and get inspired daily with Rabbi Yisroel Noach Lipsker, a well known Mashpia in Tomchei Temimim yeshiva, by Learning 5 minutes of Torah Ohr daily presented in a very lively and insightful shiur.

Want to connect to a daily live shiur? Then come and join the daily Torah Ohr Shiur by Rabbi Itche Meshulavin 8:10-9 am in 770, to understand and live with the Chassidisher parasha.

Below is the list of the new available shiurim with links and information:

Daily Tanya shiur:

Two Minute Tanya Tidbits is a Two-minute English summary of the daily tanya podcast shiur, with Rabbi Mendel Gordon released daily. Start The New Cycle Right!

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There’s also the very popular 1 minute daily sicha insights by Rabbi Mendel Gordon.

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Listen to the shiur on Spotify:

Watch the shiur on YouTube:

Daily 5 minutes Torah Ohr Shiur:

Daily Torah Ohr with Rabbi Yisrael Noach Lipsker – Join this shiur for a motivating & inspiring 5-minute shiur on Torah Ohr.

Join the shiur on WhatsApp:

Daily Live Torah Ohr Shiur in 770:

Daily Torah Ohr with Reb Itche Meshulavin, Weekdays, at 8:10-9 am in 770

For a listing of shiurim from Irgun Torah, visit:

For a listing of podcasts from Irgun Torah, visit:

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