New Building Brings New Growth to Oholei Torah

The Mesivta program greatly benefits from its new geographic location. The bochurim are completely immersed in the program and no longer heading home for lunch and supper, helping them be more focused in their learning.
Plans for a Mesivta dorm are well underway to complete the “out of town” yeshiva experience.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” Rabbi Moshe Silman, Mesivta Menahel, explains. “Boys at this age are still too young to be sent away from home, but can also benefit from the complete Yeshiva atmosphere. With our new Remsen Ave location, boys are in yeshiva from 7:30am to 9:00pm every day—with a full schedule of learning, davening, recreation, and meals—but can still spend time with their families.”

This move allowed an expansion in the eighth grade division, enabling them to move to 417 Troy Ave, the former Mesivta location, and create their own Mechina program. “There’s a whole new level of maturity here in our new building,” says Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm, Menahel of the Mechina Program.

Additionally, this new expansion also allowed Oholei Torah’s Bais Medrash program to address its growing waiting list and expand the Zal.

“When responding to the needs of our students, we always need to keep growing—.מעלין בקודש We didn’t only create the space, we are focused on ‘building’ the quality of the Chinuch offered in each division,” adds Rabbi Mendel Blau, Menahel Kloli.

מעלין בקודש is the name of Oholei Torah’s upcoming fundraising campaign, launching next week. “מעלין בקודש” is not a slogan; it’s a mission statement.

Whether that means buying a new building or growing the resource room; if a student needs tutoring, therapy, or maybe just an earlier bedtime—the staff of Oholei Torah are looking out for every one of its students.

As a community school, as the largest Chabad school in the country, we are committed to our mission to grow along with you and be מעלין בקודש.

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