Shliach’s Car Targeted With Nazi Symbols In California


A Chabad Shliach to S. Monica, California had a rude awakening this past Thursday when he found Nazi symbols and anti-Semitic propaganda scrawled on his car.

“Well, this was a unpleasant way to start the day,” the rabbi wrote on Facebook. “I got a real wake up when I walked into the Chabad parking lot and saw my car vandalized with a swastika, and a star of David with the words “Is illegal”.

The unpleasant event was reported as a hate crime to the police, who are investigating the incident.

For the Shliach, the incident may have been unwelcome, but it didn’t change his determination to do his Shlichus.

“The Rebbe taught us that our response to such a situation is to redouble our efforts in doing good, to bring more light into the world,” he wrote. “With that being said, I ask you to join me in doing another Mitzvah.”

Hate crime statistics published by the FBI this year showed an overall decrease in biased attacks in 2020 over 2019.

Of the 1,174 biased incidents in the category of religion, anti-Jewish incidents took the lions share with a total of 676 reported incidents.

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