Big Improvement to Yagdil Torah’s Toras Chaim Project As It Goes International

Participants in the Toras Chaim program are completing Maseches Psachim, and are excited to be starting Mesechta Rosh Hashana on Yud Alef Cheshvan.

With an easy to follow schedule, and realistic goals, Toras Chaim provides a structure and motivation for consistent learning. Following this program, participants will be able to complete Mesechta Rosh Hashana. There will be monthly tests, as well as questions on the Gemoro learned in the previous months for those who choose. Stipends are awarded to those scoring certain marks on each section independently. For the first time the program will also award stipends to participants anywhere in the world (details will be sent to applicants iy”h).

Toras Chaim is brought to you by Merkaz Halacha and Yagdil Torah.

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