Multiple COVID Cases Arrive Back From Kazakhstan on Chof Av Chartered Flight


A large chartered flight of Shluchim, Askanim, and Crown Heightsers returned from an invigorating trip to Almaty, Kazakhstan this past week with more than just added chayus.

Multiple cases of COVID-19 have been identified in the large group, of whom many have continued constant contact with others since arriving home.

“A number of participants to Almaty have tested positive for COVID over the past two days,” a leaked memo said.

The trip, which was blasted across chabad websites and social media, included many big Lubavitch names and large donors. The Chof Av event also coincided with a large Kinus Hashluchim from across the Former Soviet Union.

With the dominant strain of COVID presently being the Delta variant, this small outbreak is of significant concern.

Recent outbreaks of the virus across the world have shown that the Delta variant is capable of bypassing the available vaccines, allowing transmission even amongst the vaccinated. Recent studies have also shown that vaccinated individuals generally see a milder reaction to the virus, while those who remain unvaccinated have a more severe reaction.

If you feel ill, get tested. There are multiple treatment options available for early treatment of COVID-19, including monoclonal antibodies.

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