Tens of Thousands Tune In to Connect With The Rebbe’s Teachings

On Monday evening, tens of thousands of individuals from across the globe tuned in to an evening of inspiration, meaning and empowerment as various speakers took the stage to share how the Rebbe inspires them to live their lives with courage and to face their challenges – Unfazed.

Unfazed is a joint project of Chabad.org and Merkos Suite 302.

Event Credits:
Event Producers: Levi Feldman Mendel Slonim Tzemach Weg
Production Coordinator: Mendel Duchman
Program Director: Dovid Weinbaum
Shluchim Coordinator: Chesky Vogel
Program Content: Zalmy Denberg & Levi Shmotkin
Music Director: Israel Edelson
Set & Lighting Design: Eagle Production
VJ & Multimedia: Chaim Vaknin & Shmulik Ben-Harush of Visual-Live

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