Unfazed: Bringing the Rebbe and His Vision to Tens of Thousands of Jews Around the World

In an incredible display of Jewish unity, tens of thousands of communities from around the globe will be participating in a global Farbrengen celebrating the Rebbe’s Torah and living example.

The evening will feature inspiring Jewish personalities and performers who will take the participants on an inspirational journey through the Rebbe’s Life and Vision.

“Our objective with Unfazed is to bring the Rebbe’s eternal message to the tens of thousands of viewers who will be watching,” says Rabbi Levi Feldman, the project director. “We not only want to teach them about the Rebbe’s unfazed attitude when it came to rebuilding the Jewish community who had seen so much devastation. We want the viewers to understand that they can see and influence the world in this way as well.”

Leading the discussion will be an impressive selection of prominent and inspirational Jewish personalities.

Some of the featured guests include:

Elisha Weisel is the only child of Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Eli Weisel. He will share about the close relationship between the Rebbe and his father, inspiring him in his work and activism.

Michal Oshman is a tik tok executive whose recent book, What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid, details her struggles with anxiety and how she was able to find healing and peace in the teachings of Chassidus.

In a conversation with Rivka Slonim, Michal will share the valuable lessons that she has learned from her journey, something she hopes will inspire others who find themselves facing immense challenges.

David Luchins served as an activist in the Jewish community with much of his work directed at providing assistance to Soviet Jewry who were trapped behind the iron curtain. Throughout the course of his work he had multiple opportunities to meet with the Rebbe and will share the insight that he gleaned from his encounters and audiences.

Dina Horowitz is a Shlucha to Temecula California who has exhibited incredible strength, fortitude and positivity in the face of her husband Yitzi’s ALS diagnosis. She is an international speaker and lecturer and has inspired hundreds of thousands of individuals.
She will share the tools that she uses to maintain her focus as she forges on, day by day, unfazed.

Unfazed is a joint project of Chabad.org & Merkos Suite 302 & will be the feature of a community Gimmel Tammuz event in over 200 Chabad House locations around the world and streamed live on www.chabad.org/Unfazed.

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