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NEW Course: Dealing with Loss and Failure, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson

We have all dealt with loss and failure at various points in our lives, be it physical, emotional, spiritual etc. Why are difficulties a part of our lives? Why was the world created with a seemingly built-in system for pain and hardships? What does Chassidus have to teach us about coping and addressing these dark situations? And how can we learn to grow and even benefit from these moments?

Rabbi Jacobson will be addressing all these questions and more, as he delves into the psychological and spiritual roots of loss and failure with this in-depth course. Through this four-part journey, you will discover the secret to transcendence and how to transform your setbacks and challenges into vehicles of growth and your liabilities into assets.

In part 1, The Psychological Approach, Rabbi Jacobson will present case studies form biblical and historical events — from Mitzrayim to the sin of the Golden Calf, from the Middle Ages to the Holocaust — to inform how our past can provide a psychological model and formula on how to deal with our failures.

Part 2, The Spiritual Approach, will explain the dynamics of how creation came to be, through the text of the Aitz Chaim, written by the Arizal. While the world began as an omnipotent and divine consciousness, G-d then created the tzimtzum – it’s ultimate purpose being to bring out our inner most resources and deepest strengths.

In part 3, How to Not be Your Own Worst Enemy, Rabbi Jacobson will share personal stories and experiences to illuminate the true and tried methods on how to escape your limitations, the personal tzimtzum in yourself.

Rabbi Jacobson will conclude with part 4, How to Help Others Deal with Failure, by illuminating the importance of helping others and making yourself available to those in need. By utilizing all the tools and lessons from biblical and historical events, and from the spiritual Chassidic and Kabbalistic teachings, hopefully we can all begin to see our personal failures, losses and setbacks in a new light and in turn be able to help those around us with their own challenges as well.

Rabbi Simon Jacobson is the best-selling author of Toward a Meaningful Life, and creator of the acclaimed and popular MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, which has empowered and transformed hundreds of thousands through Torah and Chassidus.

Now, Rabbi Jacobson brings his vast scholarship and years of experience to tackle this difficult topic head on. Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for this journey into your psyche and soul, coming away with life-changing practical guidance and direction, addressing all the issues and challenges you face in life.

Dealing with Loss and Failure will be broadcast on Monday nights, beginning June 7th at 8PM EDT.

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