One of the first Mitzvah Tanks, c. mid 1970s. Photo: Lubavitch Archives.

Vaad Hatemimim Collects Motivational Content on Mivtzoim Campaign

When Israel was in a deep crisis during the Six Day War of 1967, the Rebbe started Mivtza Tefillin for the safety of Aeretz Yisroel.

This past Friday as Bochurim around the world headed out to the Streets, Offices and Homes for their weekly Mivtzoim many Yidden have have committed to putting on tefilin for the safety of Aeretz Yisroel.

In light of the increase of Mivtzoim the Vaad Hatmimim has collected various Kovtzim, Sichos, articles and more on Mivtza Tefillin for Bochurim and the public to be more motivated and learn more about the Mivtza.