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Mesivta’s Across North America Join for a Chidon on the Topic of Moshiach

For nearly the past thirty years, ever since the Rebbe called upon all Yidden to greet Moshiach through learning Inyanei Geula Umoshiach, Chassidim, and especially Bochurim – Yoshvei Ohel – would designate time from their busy day to adhere the Rebbe’s call. many great learning programs were created, but despite all that was done, a clear broad knowledge in Geulah Umoshiach was missing.

To fill this void, a group of Shluchim in several Yeshivos got together to introduce a brand-new engaging, easy-read curriculum, encompassing many fundamental areas of Geula and Moshiach, giving the Bochurim an extremely broad knowledge in Geulah Umoshiach, compiled from sources across Sifrei Nigle and Chassidus, enlightened by the Rebbe’s teachings.

Over the next few weeks, until Chof Ches Sivan, Bochurim in many Yeshivos will spend their free time learning and memorizing the material, culminating with a suspenseful Chidon competition between the top 10 Bochurim, which will IYH take place on Gimmel Tammuz at a special event held in Crown Heights.

In addition, sets of Seforim including a set of Toras Menachem, Likkutei Sichos, Igros Kodesh, and much more will be raffled off between all Bochurim that pass the tests.

From the participating Mesivta’s: Chovevei Torah, Cincinnati, Coral Springs, Kingston, Montreal, New Haven, Oholei Torah, Postville, Queens, Toronto.

We are confident that this comprehensive learning Inyanei Geula Umoshiach together with the Achdus between all Yeshivos, will surely Give the Rebbe tremendous Nachas, and will bring the Hisgalus of Moshiach now!

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