A Shliach in Arizona Needs Your Help

In 2010 Rabbi Berel and Chana Zaklikofsky made a lifetime commitment to the Jewish community of Goodyear, AZ, founding the Chabad Jewish Center. They have since served the community with unconditional love, care and concern, by strengthening Jewish pride, education and celebration. Regardless of the need, they are always there for every individual in the community.

Now is the time to reciprocate the love. Let’s step up to help them get through this challenging time. Your generous support will alleviate their heavy financial burden, as Chana continues to recover from a life-threatening bout of Covid, with G-d’s help.

Together let’s show our support, so they can continue serving their community for many years to come, in good health.

To donate: Click Here

Friends of Berel and Chana:
Allan Aron, Goodyear AZ
Marty & Sylvia Greenberg, Goodyear AZ
Bruce & Dena Jaffee, Goodyear AZ

Rabbi Zalman Levertov, Regional Director – Chabad of Arizona
Rabbi Yisroel Hann, Spokane WA
Rabbi Leibel Kessleman, Greenville SC
Rabbi Moshe Levertov, Phoenix AZ
Rabbi Shmuel Tiechtel, Tempe AZ
Shmuly Zaklikofsky, Brooklyn NY

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