Ambassador Gilad Erdan Visits the Jewish Children’s Museum

The air was light with laughter in the Paint Workshop at the Jewish Children’ Museum, as soon as Autumn was answered by one of the children, when asked what season we are in. To an Israeli, dreary rainy cool weather, indicates Fall, yet in New York Spring is in the horizon. Laughing at the stark difference of spring in Israel, and USA, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States and the United Nation, Gilad Erdan Family and Friends, enjoyed Painting Prairie Blazing stars at the Jewish Children’s Museum Art workshop.

As the sound of paint brushes swishing, and paint leaves being stamped on canvas died down, Tour Guide Mushky, guided the Erdan family on a tour through the 3rd and 4th floor of the museum. Some highlights included; blowing trumpets at the entrance of Israel, and Yericho. Battling in the 7 Fruits of Israel water race, being like Hillel, and blocking the light to his Bais Medrash. Playing on the huge challah, and matzah ball soup. Lastly entering the “World of Good” room where they were able to watch as charity in the form of gumballs where directed to a charity of choice.

To the museum this was an unexpected visit, which turned into an educational, and enjoyable day for Gilad Erdan and family.