Berlin: Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal Meets UAE Ambassador

The latest meeting between H.E. Hafsa Al Ulama, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates and Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal last October at the Chabad Jewish Educational Center was followed by a response visit to the UAE Embassy. Rabbi Teichtal presented I.E. Ambassador Hafsa Al Ulama with an in-house published German-Hebrew Sidur as well as handmade Mazza as a sign of respect and friendship

Among other things, the two discussed the fact that Israel and the UAE not only lead the world vaccination rankings against Covid-19, but also set an example for peaceful and successful coexistence through mutual cultural and economic cooperation.

“More of a reception than an appointment took place at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Berlin. A guided tour through the house brought the development of the United Arab Emirates since the 1930s and until today very vividly before our eyes with the help of numerous exhibits and photographs. Last but not least, it was a wonderful coincidence that our visit coincided with the official launch of the United Arab Emirates’ Year of the 50th campaign, in which the nation celebrates its Golden Jubilee in 2021.”

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