Paris Yeshiva Ketana Travels to the Rebbe For Yud Aleph Nissan

It has been two months since the students of the Yeshiva led by Rabbi Yossi Davidowicz and Rabbi Shmuel Lubecki have been trying to find a way to get to the Rebbe’s Ohel for the 11th of Nissan. For more than a year travel has prohibited due to health restrictions.

Starting at the Seudas Purim, the students have been Farbrenging with Shluchim, and it is decided to give the Rebbe a spiritual gift for his birthday.

The problem remained that the United States did not allow the entry of travelers coming from Europe and, after long and meticulous research, a plan emerged and finally resulted in this much desired trip.

On 24 Adar, teachers and students traveled to Serbia and stayed there for two weeks. All the details had been carefully prepared – from the meals to the study materials. There, the students behaved as in Yeshiva thanks to the hospitality of Rav Yehoshoua Kaminsky who allowed them to pray and study in his Chabad House.

On Monday, the 9th of Nissan, they took a direct flight to New York with their Mashpia, Rav Shmuel Lubecki. Needless to say, the trip took place in a special atmosphere, enthusiastic and full of thanks to Hashem.

As soon as they arrived in New York, everyone headed to the Ohel to daven and thank the Rebbe that everything had gone according to plan.

With hearts filled with emotion, the students and their teachers then proceeded to a joyful farbrengen that lasted until morning.

Throughout their stay, the students continued and even intensified their study program.

They left directly for Paris on Wednesday evening, after the festivities of Yud Aleph Nissan. At the airport, they davened Maariv to the tunes of Yom Tov and, spontaneously began to dance to the tune of the Rebbe’s new Nigoun (Chir Hamaalot Karati Vayaanéni…) in front of all the astonished and moved travelers.

Certainly this 11th of Nissan will remain engraved in the hearts of the students, especially after all the extensive preparations. This Yeshiva was the only one in the entire world to have deserved to be able to spend Yud Aleph Nissan this year with the Rebbe.

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