Vaad Talmidei Hatemimim to Launch Yeshiva Bein Hazmanim this Nissan

The idea of a Yeshiva Bein Hazmanim was encouraged by the Rebbe multiple times, in order for the Bochurim to have a learning schedule during their free time out of Yeshiva schedule.

The Vaad Hatmimim is proud to finally make it a reality for the days in the month of Nissan when Yeshivas around the world are closed.

The program will be based in Crown Heights near 770 and will include Shiurim, Farbrengens and Mivtzoim.
The Yeshiva will be providing accommodations and meals for all the participating Bochurim.

This will also give the Bochurim an opportunity to spend the days before Yud Alef Nissan in the right way by being present by the Rebbe the days before and on Yud Alef Nissan itself.

Bochurim can register to the program in their Yeshiva by the Talmidi HaShluchim or online at

To support this program at

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