Brand New Family Purim Comedy hits The Jewish Market is excited to announce the launch of Faigy’s Hilarious Purim Miracle, a Brand-New Purim Video that will have the audience in stitches, while learning about the timeless messages of Purim.

The official release date of the Video is February 21, 2021, and it is available now for pre-purchase.

It all started around a table as most good ideas do. Three talented fathers/entertainers from Montreal wanted to create something new, different and exciting for Purim.

Avi Tansky, also known as Magic Avi! has been performing magic shows for years. His shows are highly entertaining, humorous and fun.

Zvi Hershcovich, AKA Cholentface, is a stand-up comedian, Juggler, and has produced many videos geared for children in the past.

Nochum Greenwald, the founder of ‘The Nochum Show’, is someone who loves inspiring, entertaining, and teaching.Juggling, acrobats and performing is almost second nature to him.

Their goal: To bring fun, excitement and new Jewish content to children across the globe, many of whom would be home this Purim.

The 3 Badchanim was founded and THEIR FIRST VIDEO IS READY FOR PURIM with more videos in the works.

Great for Kids & Families alike, FAIGY’S HILARIOUS PURIM MIRACLE features magic, juggling, balancing and more laughs you can count on both hands (and feet!)

Watch the trailer and your Purim will get a head start!

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