Farbrangens in the Yuds by Rabbi Shmuel Lew

To commemorate 70 years since the Rebbe’s Frabrengen on Yud Shevat 5711, the Vaad Hatmimim has launched a new program to help Bochurim experience and learn a full Farbrengen with the Rebbe, and to relive it.

This is the Vaads’ second Mivtza for Yud Shevat in addition to the wildly successful Halikut program.
The Mivtza is called “Iberleben”, and the idea is to expose young bochurim to the depth, joy and clarity that attending the Rebbe’s farbrengens brings about

The program has been initiated in a few select Mesivtos during the past month and will be launched and available for all Mesivtos and Yeshivas around America starting Yud Shevat. The “Iberliben” program provides booklets with translation of uncommon words and explanations when needed on the selected Farbrengen in order to ease the learning of the Farbrengen.

During and after the learning of the Farbrengen the Bochurim will have the opportunity to hear from a Mashpia or a Chossid which was present at that specific farbrengen who will share with them his own feelings and memories, to attempt to recapture the experience of that particular Farbrengen. BezH this will help transform the farbrengen- in a young bochur’s mind- from merely words on a page to a dynamic reality and live experience.

The Vaad Hatmimim is led with dedication by Rabbi Tzvi Altein, together with the” iberliben” organizers Mendel Banon and Sholem Kalmenson. Special thanks to Rabbi Yossi Lew for editing the weekly koivetz and to Zelig Katzman, Yossi Katz, Moishie Caytak and Elchonon Perlstein for their assistance.

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