Mikvah.org: Free Follow Up Classes for Men and Women

Nearly 600 couples have benefited from Mikvah.org’s webinar, “Conversations with Children from the Chassidishe Perspective,” currently with Week 3 for Fathers taking place next Tuesday. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as a crucial and timely factor in improving our children’s Chinuch.

One take-away from last week’s session was that having these conversations begins with a healthy, Jewish perspective for ourselves. Therefore, Mikvah.org is pleased to announce a line up of FREE sessions for both men and women on “Bringing Divinity into our Marriage.”

Sessions for men include noted Chosson teachers Rabbi MM Lipsker and Rabbi Avraham H. Levin, and for the women; certified Mikvah.org Kallah Teachers Mrs. Ruthie Sperlin, Mrs. Rivky Boyarsky, Mrs. Mattie Hecht, Mrs. Mushky Kotlarsky, Mrs. Frumie Piekarski, Mrs. Nechama Dinah Lipskier, and Mrs. Sarah Rayzel Wagner.

Mikvah.org is also offering a session specifically for parents on guiding their teens, featuring Mrs. Sara Morozow.

Featuring 10 sessions over two weeks, both in person and on zoom, everyone can find a time slot and presenter that work for their schedule!

RSVP is required to receive the zoom or location details at mikvah.org/events.

With thanks to our generous sponsors, participation is FREE. Donations welcome at mikvah.org/donate

Women’s classes are sponsored in loving memory of Pesha Leah bas R’ Chaim Yehuda Leib, Esther bas R’ Yochanon, and Chana Leah bas R’ Shimon. May their Neshomos have an Aliya.

Men’s classes are sponsored in loving memory of Yitzchak Gedalya ben R’ Moshe, and in merit of a speedy recovery for Miriam Raiza Shoshana bas Hena Chana

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