From Breslev to Lubavitch with Love…Chessed Never Ends

The Ukrainian Government has negated and reversed a verbal agreement and pre-approval to permit the philanthropist Reb Laizer Scheiner, and his VIP business associates Private Airbus VIP aircraft, to enter Ukraine on his annual visit to Uman for Rosh Hahanah.

Mr. Scheiner operates the largest “Hachnasas Orchim Kitchen” in Uman each year, and feeds thousands of Jews during the holidays.

Needless to say, that when the Ukrainian Government forced him to cancel his trip to Uman, he immediately made sure that all of the first class catering and extra Rosh Hashanah food he was bringing on the flight should be sent to feed guest in the “Lubavitcher Hachnasas Orchim” established by Moshe and Fay Rubashkin in Crown Heights.

Each year, the Rubashkin’s home becomes a way station where thousands of guests come to stay and eat over the month of Tishrei.

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