JEM: Pictorial Highlights 22 Elul, 1991

Each time the Rebbe distributed dollars, individuals were touched and lives were impacted. Presented here are photos of several highlights and encounters from Sunday Dollars of 22 Elul 1991 (5751).

From the spring of 1986 on, every Sunday, the Rebbe would stand and distribute dollars, to be given to charity, to anyone who came by his door. Thousands stood in line each week, and to every person he received, the Rebbe offered a blessing, some encouragement, or a word of advice.

The Sunday of 22 Elul 1991 was no different. The Rebbe saw countless people from all walks of life and had time for them all – including a US Senator, a New York Attorney General, members of Congress of Racial Equality, and a settlement leader, among others.

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When the Attorney General of New York, Robert Abrams, visited, the Rebbe had a special message for his wife, Diane: “You promised me that you would write a book of memoirs about your grandmother. Don’t postpone the project, as there is much more to do once you are finished!”
A settlement leader visits the Rebbe and receives a dollar for every new settlement established in the past year. The Rebbe then gives him an extra dollar for a new settlement to be begun immediately.
US Senator Alfonse D’Amato visits the Rebbe shortly after the Crown Heights riots: “Much success in all your endeavors for the peace and security of all the people of the United States. ‘Amato’ means ‘love’ in Italian. Proceed in your work with inner love, and the entire population of New York will respond to you and your colleagues with true love as well.”
Mr. Naftali Krauss brings the Rebbe a copy of his translation of the Abridged Code of Jewish Law to Hungarian. The Rebbe thanks him and points out that Moses showed the way by translating the Torah into seventy languages!
Mr. Roy Innis of the Congress of Racial Equality visits the Rebbe: “The Jewish and Black communities have both suffered great persecution in history. From now on, may every one of us, and all the population of the United States, have only good news and healthy news, in all matters of goodness and kindness.”
Mrs. Janice Robertson, also from the Congress of Racial Equality, received a very special accolade from the Rebbe: “This dollar is for your parents, who raised such a daughter.”
Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Israel, Rabbi She’ar Yashuv Cohen visit: The Rebbe discusses the laws of the Priestly Blessing with him and ends with wishes for the whole Jewish nation to ascend to the Holy City of Jerusalem, speedily.

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