The Rebbe’s Original Letter on Chai Elul, 33 Years Ago

In an action that was unique to Colel Chabad, the Rebbe would send a letter to be read to the crowd who gathered to support the organization at their annual Melaveh Malka.

On Chai Elul, in the year 5747, the Rebbe sent the following letter filled with blessings and wishes for the upcoming year.

The Rebbe also points out that those who donate to Colel Chabad are not supporters. Rather, they are partners in the important work that they do.

This Tishrei, Colel Chabad needs you to partner with them to provide food for tens of thousands of individuals throughout Israel so that they can celebrate Yomtov with dignity.

Join the Tishrei Drive, today!

Visit to take part.

Thank you for your support.

Pictured, the original letter in Hebrew and english.

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