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Kollel Tiferes Zkeinim in Honor of the Rebbe’s Father

Exactly 40 years ago, the Rebbe requested one thing to establish in memory of his father, of blessed memory, that would give him a nachas ruach gadol: Kollel Tiferes Zkeinim Levi Yitzchok.

Therefore, in honor of Chov Av, United Jewish Generations, a Chabad organization for seniors based in Miami, will launch the Levi Yitzchok Senior Academy to offer retirees from around the US an opportunity to spend their days learning Torah and receive a stipend.

The classes will take place over Zoom. Those that are not familiar with navigating the internet or don’t have computers will be provided with subsidized computers, internet service and tech support. Two tracks will be offered for either one hour/day or two hours/day, five days a week. Classes will be geared for beginners to intermediate level of Judaic knowledge. Program will include collaborative learning and essay writing. Seniors will also be paid a monthly stipend.

Make the Rebbe’s wish a reality. Give seniors an opportunity to learn Torah and strengthen their connection to Yiddishkeit. How? Become our partner by donating to our campaign

What a nachas ruach for our Rebbe on this auspicious day!

Kollel Tiferes Zkeinim Levi Yitzchok is currently accepting applications for all US residents. If you know someone that would like to participate, visit

This is a perfect solution for the current state of isolation that seniors are suffering from.

Visits are down to zero. All activities and programs for seniors have been shut down. Seniors are quarantined in their apartments. This is demoralizing and depressing for them. With the start of the Levi Yitzchok Senior Academy, seniors will participate in mind-stimulating discussions, feel accomplished and most importantly connect to Hashem through studying Torah.

For more information, please email Rabbi Menachem Smith at

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