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Extensive Chof Av Program Planned

In accordance with the Rebbe’s personal wish, Vaad Or V’chom is putting together an extensive program to help mark the day of Chof Av, covering several topics in multiple languages in an effort to reach a wide range of demographics.

The Rebbe did not share much of his private life and family matters with the Chassidim but on those few occasions that he did, it is our honor and privilege to mark it according to the Rebbe’s wishes.

One of those days is the 20th Av, the day upon which HoRav Levi Yitzchok, the Rebbe’s father, left this world after suffering in the hands of the Communist Regime.

The Rebbe personally requested from each one of us to use out the day to learn from his father’s extraordinary self-sacrifice and unwavering commitment to Yiddishkeit.

HoRav Levi Yitzchok is also known for his depth of learning and ability to bridge the most mystical concepts with the simple understanding of any and every topic. The Rebbe saw it as his own obligation and responsibility to share these teachings with the world, many of which were written and taught in the most arduous of conditions.

We as Chassidim, have the privilege that the Rebbe asked us to ‘assist him’ in the great Mitzva of honoring one’s father by studying these teachings specifically on his Yahrtzeit.

This is evident from, the unique and clear language the Rebbe used in the summer of 5745, regarding his father’s Yahrzeit:
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“It is my obligation and great merit to suggest and request etc. To learn at Farbrengens from his Torah and give Tzedakah in honor of his Neshoma…”

The feature event will stream live on Sunday evening, eve of Chof Av, Aug 9th and will also include a Farbrengen broadcasted live from the Ohel.
Stay tuned for details!

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