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Moshiach Cake Contest For Children

A special opportunity to make Moshiach real and exciting for children at home or at camp has been launched in the form of the Moshiach Cake Contest.

This campaign is inspired by the story of Leah Rubashkin ( the wife of Shlomo Mordechai ) who would make a “welcome Moshiach cake” every week with her kids to show Hashem that they are truly ready for Moshiach to arrive at any moment. In a very literally sense demonstrating, “acha’ke lo bechol yom sheyavo.”

Let’s follow her example and get excited with the alef beis fundamentals how emunah (alef) and bitachon (beis) bring the Geula (gimal)!

It is clear that we are living in a transition time in history where Moshaich will soon be revealed to the world. Let’s show him that we are actively anticipating his arrival with joy and bitachon. Let’s have our cakes ready to celebrate!

After you take a picture of your cake and send it in you can eat it with joy knowing that the image of your excitement will be made into a collage and given to Moshiach when he arrives.

How to be part:
Make a cake with a Moshaich theme.
Send in a picture of the cake to Or go to:

Video tape the child giving an explanation about their design.

Submissions to enter contest are due on the 16th of Av (Aug 6th)

Prizes for top two entering are:
1. Book “ Just imagine We’re Going To The Beis Hamikdash”
2. Cake decorating set of 12 pieces.

Message for camps:
This can be a very fun and special activity. We would encourage you to ALSO give out your own prizes just for your camp. please still send us your pictures/vidoes so they can be part of our collage for Moshiach.

Even after the contest is over we are happy to keep adding more cake pictures to the collage.

Lets show Hashem how we really believe that Moshiach can come any day “acha’ke lo bechol yom sheyavo!”

May we immediately greet Moshaich even before there’s time to make a cake!

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