Triple Bar Mitzvas Travels Nine Hours to Chabad in Cairns

A ground breaking event, first Bar Mitzva to happen to Jews of Bowen, was held at the Chabad House of Cairns (a sub community of Chabad of RARA). A Jewish family from Bowen celebrated this major milestone in their life joining the Cairns Jewish Community with a celebration, in the presence of their parents, relatives and friends from throughout the North QLD area.

The family travelled nine hours back and forth to celebrate with the Cairns Jewish community but not just that what is unique about today’s event is that it afforded other members of the family (brother Oliver 16 and Luka 18) who never enjoyed this rite of passage when they were younger, to do so with their friends and family who will be travelling to join in this event. While the program boasted all of the trappings of the conventional Bar Mitzvah, great food and drinks, dancing, speeches and gifts for the guests of honor, it was all kept to the current social distancing guidelines of the state of Queensland.

“Getting my Aliya to the Torah allowed me to fill a void, and finally confirm my place in the Jewish community, thus being an event that will help shape the person I am as I grow as a Jewish Man.” said Jazz, the barmitzva boy.

“Their family made this special trip all the way from Bowen an 9 hour drive each way for this event.” Rabbi Ari Rubin director of Chabad of North Queensland explained, “These are not young kids going through the motions because that’s what all their friends are doing and enjoying the party while not quite grasping the religious significance. These are young people who have decided to make a passionate statement about the centrality of their Jewish identity to their lives. By doing this publicly they affirm to their friends and the wider community that Judaism is something they feel strongly about and plan to make an important part of their future!”

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