Campaign to Learn Hilchos Beis Habchira

An initiative was launched for bochurim to learn ענייני בית הבחירה in depth according to the Rebbe’s interpretations.

A website link provides Interactive daily learning with audio, video Shiurim as well as a printable booklet with linear translation.

Here are samples of what it would look like: Beis Hamikdash Lesson 1 as well as a promo video for learning Hilchos Beis Habchira

There will be weekly raffles of S’forim and cash prizes for all participants in the tests.

On כ’ אב: There will BEH be a global zoom Chidon for those who excel on the weekly tests with large prizes for the winners.

Sign up on your own or as part of your Yeshiva / summer program now at

For more information e-mail

May the החלטות in all of the above bring Moshiach and the building of the Beis HaMikdosh right now!

Project of YKSA l’iluy nishmas הבה”ת שמואל ז”ל ב”ר אשר שי’ קרנובסקי