New Shiur Launched In Memory of Miriam Shmueli OBM

Miriam Shmueli obm always had a desire to share with the community the possibility to learn and study the kuntreisim- booklets that the Rebbe distributed to each of us. The Shmueli family has taken this opportunity to start a series of such classes starting this Tuesday, the 8th of Tammuz, June 30th, at 9pm EST.

The shiur will be given in person for men, by the esteemed Rabbi Kalmen Weinfeld, at Beis Eliezer Shul in Crown Heights, and will begin with “Kuntres Yud Beis – Yud Gimmel Tammuz” (Dibur hamaschil Asarah Sheyoshvim) given by the Rebbe on the 8th of Tammuz 1990, exactly 30 years ago.

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