Igud Hamelamdim Hosted A Grand Mechanchim Farbrengen

An Inspirational, Uplifting, Unity Farbrengen was held Thursday night at 481 Albany Ave in Crown Heights.

It was a farbrengen for the cream of the crop, i.e. Mechanchim / Educators, the ones who devote themselves day in day out to our precious children.

Rabbi Efraim Mintz JLI director  was the Guest Speaker.

With his unique talent he expanded beautifully on what was the theme of the Farbrengen “Chinuch & Hiskashrus”.

One point: Hiskashrus is about focusing on the Rebbe  going beyond ourselves, similarly the Position of a mechanech requires a strong passion and devotion to the cause.

He also began by telling over how his father R’ Eizik a”h (was in Chinuch over 30 years) would always receive letters from the Rebbe with the unique title מלאכתו מלאכת שמים , and at one occasion when brought his student for kos shel bracha and the Rebbe said with a smile “Zera Beirach Hashem”!

This unique experience was said specifically to a mechanech (not to any parent of children regarding their own children) highlighting the great Zechus & responsibility of the mechanech’s total devotion to Chinuch.

The Farbrengen went on for a few hours in which he enthralled the crowd.

Many out of town Mechanchim attended as well via the zoom live hookup.

Igud Hamelamdim’s director Rabbi Avrohom Bluming  told: The feedback received from the Mechanchim was enormous! Especially due to the Matzav we  now find ourselves after being isolated for so long it was so meaningful & uplifting to farbreng together all mechanchim as one.

That is our pride at Igud Hamelamdim , to be there where it counts for Mechanchim & Chinuch!

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