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“Yeshivas Erev USA” To Continue With Hachana For Gimmel Tammuz

“Yeshivas Erev USA” has taken the Lubavitch world by storm. For the last three weeks, on a nightly basis, over 150 young boys (age 11-14) came together to learn – with Rabbi Gershon Avtzon – the Gemaras that speak about Mattan Torah with the Biurim of the Rebbe. In addition to the nightly shiur, they also heard nightly Divrei Chizzuk from a different Mechanech each evening, including nightly raffles.

While the program was initially intended to finish by Shavuos, the parents asked that the program should continue. Rabbi Avtzon agreed and the program will IYH continue as Hachana for Gimmel Tammuz. The Talmidim will be learning Pirkei Avos, with the explanations of the Rebbe.

To join Yeshivas Erev USA:

Zoom ID: 873-7832-2406

Password: YEU770

“Yeshivas Erev USA” would like to thank the following mechanchim for their time and chizzuk:

Rabbi Yosef Wolf – ULY/CH
Rabbi Yosef Rosenblum – Pittsburgh
Rabbi Mendy Greenbaum – LA
Rabbi Shalom Baras – Kingston
Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm: MN
Rabbi Shua Lustig: OT
Rabbi MOrdechai Wenger: Montreal
Rabbi Mendy Yuzevitch – Ohr Menachem
Rabbi Shmuly Turk – ULYOP
Rabbi Yehuda Levin – NY
Rabbi Akiva Wagner – Toronto
Rabbi Sholom AVtzon – CH
Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum – Tzivos Hashem

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