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Zelenko Letter Sent To 5000 Shluchim In 6 Languages

Four major trials in a row have been concluded that proved that hydroxychloroquine is very effective in killing the covid-19 virus. A position that Dr. Zelenko has held for months now.

“The only difference between my approach and other people’s approach (deciding not to promote the drugs without trials) is 100,000 dead people ” says Zelenko. “These drugs are old, safe and used for generations now…the FDA has more serious warnings about Tylenol and Ibuprofen than it ever did about hydroxychloroquine and they are still on the shelves. They are SAFE.” Something Zelenko explains in his letters.

In his patient information sheet he puts the FDA warnings into perspective.

Incidentally, in even more promising news, the head of the FDA in an interview this week appeared to be backtracking on their misconstrued warning over the drug. Stating that the decision to take the drug, that had been used successfully to treat malaria for decades, is safe enough to be a decision between doctor and patient only.

On Tuesday the world watched as Dr. Zev Zelenko was hinted to, by President Trump, during a press conference where the President revealed to the world that he also uses the Zelenko protocol.

“We advised many sick shluchim who have since recovered because they took the protocol.” Zelenko stresses.

After the first letter, Zelenko’s team had advised Shluchim as far away as Russia, Israel and South America.

In this second needed letter he is reaching out with new updated information in 5 languages where he quotes new successful trials.

It includes many links, and a video where he calls the shluchim the greatest force of good in the world and also asks Hashem to bring the geula.

NOTE: The shluchim office reached out and clarified that it provided the email service to the Shluchim as advertising, and the sending of the letter is not an endorsement by the Shluchim Office.”

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