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Parsha Projects Gains Momentum

About half a year ago, a group of 5th grade young Chabad shluchos, from around five time zones, founded Parsha Projects, a weekly video created to use their talents while teaching children about the parsha.

It started with Parshas Lech Lecha, a simple craft video connected to the parsha, and about 30 subscribers. Today, the Parsha Projects channel boasts more than 130 subscribers growing every day.

Four weeks ago, (parshas Acharei – Kedoshim) The Parsha Projects team grew the vision to include a parsha related craft video and cooking show along with the regular weekly parsha video. Also added was a new “Draw it!” video every three weeks, where the team teaches how to draw an exciting picture associated with that parsha.

Along with that, each video includes a Dvar Torah, Rebbe story of the week, discussion column where the team asks questions and the subscribers answer, a parsha related riddle, subscribers snapshot where we interview a subscriber, candle lighting times, fun page, and much much more.

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