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Winners Announced in “Limud Bifnim” Raffle

Only 4 days into the program and participant numbers of “Limud Bifnim” are soaring high.

Over 300 registrants -yeshiva boys worldwide – are benefiting immensely as they review their Bifnim (in the text) learning daily.

This program “Limud Bifnim” pioneered by Igud Hamelamdim the Lubavitch Teachers Organization is geared for all boys grades 2-7.

“Just 5 minutes a day get’s me into great raffles!” says Mendy Green of 4th grade excitedly.

This is a great program! says Mrs K from Michigan. It’s reinforcing the basics, reading and translating inside the Sefer! A skill that will last them a lifetime!

Yeshivos participating include all Crown Heights schools; OT, ULY, OM, Lamplighters, Morristown, Cheder Ohel, Monsey, ULY Op, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, PA, Philladelphia, Winnapeg, Melbourne Australia, Cheder Menachem NJ, Los Angeles, Nigri Shluchim Online school, Gan Yisroel BP, and more.

First Raffle, Winners:

The set of Kehati Mishnayos was won by Mendel Cohen (ID 104) from Rabbi Backman’s 3rd grade class of Cheder Menachem Kingston PA.

The Bicycle was won by Mendel Labkosky (ID 141) of Rabbi Shanowitz’s 3rd Grade class in Cheder Chabad Baltimore

A Helicopter was won by Yankel Tzfazman (ID 107) of Rabbi Weinsteins’s 5th grade class in Oholei Torah.

A Set of Biurim Lpirkei Avos was won by Hersh Evers (ID 133) of Rabbi Hendel’s 3rd Grade class of YTTL Montreal.


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