CBDChabad Sydney Provides Humanitarian Aid To Those In Isolation

The communities the world over are going through a hard time due to Covid-19 and the communities in Sydney are no different, as many have and many more will possibly be losing their jobs facing economic crises in addition to the health crises.

Many at the moment are struggling with basic needs, some are in isolation while the elderly and vulnerable in our community who are not as mobile are struggling with attaining just the basic supplies.

Therefore it is now, more than ever that all the communities need to pull together.

CBDChabad Sydney is in a unique position to organize and distribute supplies and since the beginning of the week, we have been providing basic care packages that are compromised of food and hygiene products to assist those who are in isolation, can’t wait for long hours in lines or are unable to keep returning to local supermarkets for just the basics.

The packages are not a long term fix but are aimed at lasting one to two weeks to supplement the needs of the recipients.

However, we are sure there are many in the communities that are not aware of what we can offer, so please keep your ears and eyes open, ask your neighbors and friends if they need help so we in turn can assist them. You can organize packages with us by calling: Rabbi Yaffe on 0425152404 or via email rabbidannyy@gmail.com

CBDChabad Sydney is a not-for-profit, thus we don’t charge those who receive these packages, but rather many generous sponsors from different communities have come forward to sponsor the packages

If you would like to give a tax deductible donation to sponsor a package or two, then feel free to reach out or donate to: CBDChabad Tzedakah Fund Inc

BSB: 012010

Acc #: 261505963

We also take credit card donations.

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