Stay Tuned: The Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos Goes Virtual

While the world is paralyzed by the Coronavirus pandemic, Chidon Headquarters is gearing up for a huge expansion.

Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos is a worldwide movement of children who learn the 613 mitzvos in their free time. This weekend (and next) thousands of boys and girls in grades 4 through 8 who have studied all year to qualify as finalists, were meant to come together for a 4-day, spectacular Shabbaton and Game Show and Award Ceremony in NY.

To our great disappointment, and theirs, their trips and social activities have been postponed, hampered by the pandemic’s restrictions. But we have ensured that the Chidon goes on and the strength and unity of Torah learning endures over the isolation and panic created by the virus.

We are therefore planning a virtual Game Show Ceremony to be broadcast Sunday, 4 Nissan (March 29) and are expending everything in our power to create a program of learning, inspiration and epic Jewish pride. As an international program, a number of our finalists are from areas hit hardest by Coronavirus, and the positive influence of such an event cannot be overstated. The Chidon itself has grown from 45 children to close to 5000 in a mere 7 years, because we are determined to use all possible avenues, even school closures and quarantines, to advance “yagdil Torah veyaadir”

We hope, that despite the unfortunate circumstances, we can still allow our children to celebrate their hard work in the best way possible. To that end, we endeavor to make this years Chidon the most watched and publicized iteration ever, to demonstrate to our students that nothing can hold back achievements in Torah learning.

Chidon highlights from last year: