InsideChassidus, Free Quality Shiurim

Rabbi Yossi Paltiel founder of Inside Chassidus has Thousands of Chassidus classes available online for free!

Being in quarantine shouldn’t mean not being able to listen to quality Shiurim. With schools, Shuls and other Mosdos locked down, InsideChassidus has made available over ten thousand Shiurim available online for free.

There are deep classes on Hemshechim (series of Ma’amorim) and light classes like stories of our Rebbeim. Whether you are looking for something on Tefilla, Chitas, Sichos and more its all available anytime.

These classes are given by Rabbi Paltiel a world-renowned teacher and mentor with a gift for communicating his passion for Torah and Judaism. Rabbi Paltiel is also giving live online classes accessible via the InsideChassidus Facebook Group.

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