Project Lekkutei Sichos Uses Never Before Published Answer of the Rebbe

Project Likkutei Sichos releases – for the first time ever- an answer of the Rebbe, shedding light on the Rebbe’s involvement in the preparation of a Sicha for publication.

As thousands study the Sichos of Parshas Teruma in Likkutei Sichos Chelek Yud Alef with the program of Project Likkutei Sichos, this previously unpublished document transforms the experience of learning this Sicha.

The first sicha for Parshas Teruma (p. 109 – 115) discusses the difference between Terumas Ha’adanim (the half shekel given for the sockets of the mishkan) and Terumas Hamishkan (the general contributions towards the building of the mishkan). The Rebbe had discussed this topic on a previous occasions, and one of these explanations was printed in Likkutei Sichos Chelek Alef.

The team of chassidim who would prepare drafts of Sichos for the Rebbe to edit (known as Vaad L’hafotzas Sichos) encountered some questions while preparing another Sicha, seemingly contradicting what the Sicha in Chelek Alef said, which they presented to the Rebbe.

The Rebbe answered their questions and prefaced that “in the appropriate time we will discuss this at the Farbrengen on Shabbos.” That Shabbos, the Rebbe addressed their questions, answering them all by introducing an innovative approach to the topic. This new approach is the basis of this sicha in Chelek Yud Alef.

While learning the sicha this week, many of the participants discussed and debated this very topic, and the different layers of explanation found in this Sicha, and are now excited to discover that the very purpose of this Sicha is to introduce this innovative approach to the topic.

“Seeing this Ksav Yad Kodesh for the first time was truly awesome in every sense of the word”, said Rabbi Moshe Goldman, a member of the team working on this project. “It is amazing to see the thread of history in this Sicha, and how much time and energy the Rebbe poured into teaching us his Torah”.

Special thanks go to the anonymous individual who shared these priceless documents with us, so that we can share them with you, וזכות הרבים תלוי בו.

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