Organization To Help Secure Grants For Security

$100k for Security for your location – you are just an application away!

10 critical items to know before you apply:

  1. You can apply for physical security enhancements (cameras, alarms, doors, barriers, fences to name a few) to secure your location.
  2. You can apply for contracted security at your location (contact us for specific details)
  3. It’s a reimbursement grant. You do the improvements, pay the vendor and the DHS/FEMA reimburses you.
  4. You need a solid security assessment from law enforcement or a licensed private security company.
  5. You will have 36 months to complete the grant. The 2020 DHS grants are open now.
  6. You can complete the grant from award to closing in 6-9 months depending on your compliance State and DHS/FEMA responses.
  7. There are 2 parts – 1) The application and submission and 2) The management and administration of the grant once awarded.
  8. This is a competitive grant – Increase your chances by using an accomplished grant writing team.
  9. Grant writers are allowed to charge up to 5% of the grant amount and can also include part or all of their professional fees.
  10. This grant is complex and not easy to administer if awarded. Don’t cut corners on either a quality grant writer or grant administrator. CSO has overseen hundreds of successful grants nationally with CSO certified grant writers.

If you have questions or need a CSO certified grant writer, please contact us at

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