Suspicious Man Triggers Panic Alarm in Chicago Chabad Shul


Chicago Police are investigating an incident that took place at the Chabad Congregation FREE this past Sunday night.

The incident occurred around 6:30pm as a suspicious man gained access to the Shul by pushing past a congregant entering the building.

The Rabbi noticed the man, who was not a congregant, and engaged him in conversation.

While speaking with the suspicious man, the individual kept his right hand in his pocket the whole time, and the other on the door.

Just as the Rabbi moved towards the panic button, the man began to move towards the Rabbi in an aggressive and rapid fashion.

The Rabbi was able to hit the panic button, creating a loud audible alarm that scared the suspicious man, who ran out of the Shul.

Video of the incident was given to the police, who are treating this incident as a very high priority.

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