JNet Announces Chof Daled Teves Learning Campaign

In honor of Chof Daled Teves, JNet has partnered with Rabbi Avrohom Katz from learnchassidus.com to lead a mivtza whereby participants learn a Maamar on Parshas Vaera from Torah Ohr in honor of the Yahrzteit of the Alter Rebbe.

To participate, simply go to the www.jnet.org/teves24 to download the booklet. After learning the Maamar, text your Hebrew name and mother’s Hebrew name to 347-770-JNet (5638) or fill out the form on the website to be included in a duch and prize drawing. You will also have the opportunity to answer some questions on the Maamar and share a lesson or message you learned.

The winner will be announced on Monday, Rosh Chodesh Shevat (January 27th), on JNet’s website and Facebook page.

May the merit of our learning strengthen our commitment and connection to the Rebbe and his directives, and bring Moshiach speedily in our times.

JNet provides one-on-one learning on the phone or online for half an hour a week to people all over the world. Know someone who would be interested in learning or supporting Torah learning? Tell them to go to www.JNet.org or call us at 347-770- JNet (5638). JNet is a division of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch and was established with a generous grant from The Rohr Foundation.

Download the PDF booklet here