JEM: Connection Point To Launch Yud Shevat Initiative

Connection Point, the collaborative initiative of JEM and Tzivos Hashem aimed at teaching students to watch and learn directly from the Rebbe, has launched a stand-alone two-week program in honor of Yud Shvat.

“The schedule for Connection Point was to do one round before Chanukah and the next before Purim,” explained Rabbi Levi Plotkin, Connection Point director. “But with Yud Shvat approaching, we knew we had to do something. We are going to empower students to hear directly from the Rebbe so that they too can experience and appreciate the watershed moment when the Rebbe accepted the mantle of leadership.”

Unique to this program is a special presentation created by JEM this year that focuses on the backstory of that historic farbrengen, as told by people who were there. The presentation even has special kid-friendly narration created for the Connection Point program

The Yud Shvat program will run over two weeks. The first week the children will watch a part of the sicha, and the second week, similar to The Real Rally, students will watch a full forty-five-minute video of the Rebbe. The new presentation will be played at that second-week event.

To learn more, or to bring Connection Point to your school, contact

The Yud Shevat program is made possible through a generous grant from Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz and Family
and in part by Boruch & Chanie Weingarten and Family

Connection Point is made possible by the members of the JEM Foundation.

Boys Schools:

Bader Hillel Academy Boys – Milwaukee, WI
Chabad Youth Boys – Melbourne, Australia
Cheder Chabad Boys – Baltimore, MD
Cheder Chabad Baltimore – Girls
Cheder at the Ohel – Queens, NY
Cheder Chabad – Monsey, NY
Cheder Chabad boys – Philadelphia, PA
Cheder Chabad Boys, Palm Beach County, Florida
Cheder Levi Yitzchok, Melbourne Australia
Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School Boys – Chicago, IL
Cheder Menachem – Los Angeles, CA
Hebrew Academy Boys – Coral Springs, FL
M.M.S.C. Day School, Boys – Seattle Washington
My Shliach Boys – International
Lamplighters Yeshivah Boys – Brooklyn, NY
LEC Middle School Boys – Miami, FL
Lubavitch Cheder Day School Boys, St. Paul, Minnesota
Nigri Shluchim Online School Boys – International
Oholei Menachem, Postville IA
Oholei Torah – Brooklyn, NY
Oholei Torah 8th Grade – Brooklyn, NY
Ohr Menachem – Brooklyn NY
OYY Lubavitch Boys – Manchester, England
Sacramento Jewish Academy Boys – Granite Bay, CA
Tomchei Tmimim Ocean Parkway – Brooklyn, NY
Torah Academy Boys, Johannesburg, South Africa
United Lubavitcher Yeshiva – Brooklyn, NY
Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch – Montreal, Canada

Girls Schools:

Bader Hillel Academy Girls – Milwaukee, WI
B.C.M 8th Grade – L.A. CA
B.C.M. – L.A. CA
Bnos Menachem – Brooklyn, NY
Cheder Chabad Girls – Baltimore, MD
Cheder Chabad Girls – Philadelphia, PA
Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School Girls – Chicago, IL
Cheder Chabad Girls, Palm Beach County, Florida
Hebrew Academy Girls – Coral Springs, FL
Lamplighters Yeshivah Girls – Brooklyn, NY
Lubavitch Cheder Day School Girls – St. Paul, Minnesota
M.M.S.C. Day School, Girls – Seattle Washington
My Shliach Girls – International
Nigri Shluchim Online School Girls – International
Sacramento Jewish Academy Girls – Granite Bay, CA
Torah Academy Girls, Johannesburg, South Africa

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