Family Discovers Wedding Photos After 46 Years


In 1973, the wedding of Mendel and Feiga Lubecki took place at a hall in Paris, with many members of the Chabad community participating in the simcha.

But the Lubeckis, who today are prominent shluchim and members of the Chabad community in France, did not have a photo album commemorating the special event.

That all changed this week, when a friend discovered that a photographer by the name of William Karel had in fact captured vivid pictures depicting the wedding festivities, and that the photos were licensed to Getty Images where anyone could view them.

The discovery delighted the Lubeckis as well as their friends and acquaintances, and they noted that many prominent members of the Chabad leadership in France past and present were in attendance and appear in the photos, including Rabbi Shmuel (Muleh) Azimov OBM, Rabbi Itche Nemenov, Rabbi Chaim Shneur Nisenbaum and many more.

View the wedding photos on Getty Images

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