Pilot Celebrates Bar Mitzvah After Landing

by CrownHeights.info

Upon landing on a kashrus trip to the Bahamas on Monday, Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld, a Rabbinic Coordinator at OK Kosher had the opportunity to give the pilot a bar mitzvah and help him wrap tefillin for his first time ever.

Rabbi Weinfeld discovered as he was disembarking after the flight that both co-pilots on his flight were Jewish, and that one of them had never put tefillin on before. He quickly offered to help both of them put on tefillin, which led to some impromptu dancing in the cockpit to celebrate the “bar mitzvah.”

Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld is renowned for his role in facilitating the annual sale of chametz belonging to Manhattan Beer Distributors, the largest single market beer distributor in the country and the source of beer for hundreds of kosher establishments in the metropolitan area.