Scaffolding Goes Up As 770 Facade Restoration Begins

After many long months of planning and Tishrei behind us, work has begun on pointing and restoring the facade of the Lubavitch World Headquarters office complex.

Rabbi Shmaya Krinsky, director of the Machne Israel Development Fund, is heading up the project. He thanked the donors who have already stepped up to kick start this project. “It’s heartwarming to see how enthusiastically the call to help restore the famous facade is being received. it is a real Kiddush Lubavitch.

As already reported, work is already progressing on the crumbling section of the 770 garden walls. According to Rabbi Shmaya–who saw to it that the wall be completely enclosed during Tishrei for the safety of the teeming throngs of visitors to 770–the wall is being shored up and then refinished with the original, irreplaceable bricks which are unique to 770. He appealed to those who unlawfully took bricks from the construction site to return them immediately. “The bricks are the property of Agudas Chasidei Chabad, and they belong at 770.”

As scaffolding was seen going up on the Eastern Parkway and Kingston Avenue sections of the twin office buildings, bystanders were overheard lauding the project and adding the wish of all chasidim to see the ultimate expansion of the premises in accordance with the wishes and actions of the Rebbe.

“With all the funding not yet committed,” says Rabbi Shmaya, “and with further infrastructure repairs sorely needed on the exteriors of 770 and the office complex, Machne Israel is accepting donations from individuals who are seeking to donate to this cause.”

Contributions can be made at Bedek Habayis:, or contact Rabbi Shmaya Krinsky at:, or at 718-774-4000.

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