New Practical Guide To Observing Shabbos Published

A new Sefer on the observance of Shabbos has been published under the title “Mizmor LeDovid,” and is now available in Judaica stores.

The book was written by Rabbi Yitzchak Yarmush, a Melamed of school aged children in Montreal, and is based on a simple and practical approach.

Rabbi Yarmush uniquely focuses on the positive commandments, those mitzvos that enable us to enhance and enjoy Shabbos. The Sefer also covers the Chabad Minhagim of Shabbos.

The new Sefer includes an endorsement by Rabbi Nissen Mangel, where he says, “The layman will find it a basic manual for the proper observance of many aspects of Shabbos. The learned will be introduced to numerous Chabad Minhagim gleaned from various sources.”

Mizmor LeDovid is a practical guide to the holy day of Shabbos, what we should do in order to beautify it, starting from before lighting the candles (and ushering in Shabbos), through its finale.

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