Operation Survival: Behind the Scenes – Talking to a Friend

Operation Survival will release a new music video after Yom Tov to encourage children to reach out and communicate their needs.

The goals of the video, according to the organization, are to teach kids how to communicate, to not to be afraid to communicate, and why communicating is good.

The music video is performed by Shmuel and Bentzion Marcus of 8th Day, one of the most popular Hasidic bands in America. It will also feature children from the community acting out the scenes in order to communicate their message as clearly as possible.

“Entitled ‘Talk to a Friend,’ it exhorts children to reach out and communicate when they’re in need. It has been purposefully created as a positive, uplifting song in order to keep the focus on inspiration.” said Chaim Hershkowitz from Eight19 Productions.

This is not Operation Survival’s first music video. A year ago, they released “Inner Voice, Better Choice”, starring popular Jewish singer Eli Marcus and it instantly became a hit, racking up tens of thousands of views

They hope that this latest project will spread even further.

Produced and directed by Chaim Hershkowitz from Eight19 Productions, “Talk to a Friend” was filmed on the streets of Crown Heights with guests appearances by Benny Friedman and Eli Marcus. The song was composed and arranged by Shmuel Marcus of the 8th Day.

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