New Shabbat Times Publication in Moscow and Beyond

After fifteen years of volunteers publicizing the Shabbat candle lighting times in Moscow, it was decided to double the impact this year and extend the reach of these publications to as many Jews as possible. Thanks to the dedicated work of “Zman Yehudi” organization of Moscow, there is no need to guess the exact halachic times anymore, especially of Shabbat and Yom Tov.

The initiative, which received the blessing and encouragement of Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, began modestly with the publication of candle lighting times for Moscow in Hebrew and Russian. With persistence and consistency, it grew stage by stage, and today at the start of every Jewish month all its halachic times are published, including the times for saying shma and davening, thus bringing a greater awareness to the public about the importance of keeping to halachic times.

The organization’s highlight is its beautifully designed announcements which are circulated every Sunday with the times for the start and end of the upcoming Shabbat. These announcements are also publicized via social media, thus reaching tens of thousands of Jews who are starting to observe the laws of Shabbat.

Now, with the upcoming new year, the activities were taken a notch higher. The announcements will now be posted at many additional locations, and their design has been updated. Additionally, halachic times will now be posted for a total of twenty different cities in Russia, making it much more convenient for the many guests who stop in Moscow on their way to other cities. It is also warmly welcomed by the Rabbis and shluchim serving Jewish communities throughout Russia.

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