New Mesivta For Israelis To Open in Tzfas

In an announcement made on Tes Vov Elul, in honor of the anniversary of the opening of Tomchei Temimim, Shliach to Tzfas Rabbi Chaim Kaplan announced the planned opening of a new Yeshiva Ketana for Israeli Bochurim in Tzfas.

The plan comes following a successful program made for eighth graders, managing by Rabbi Schneur Zalman Gerlitzky, with the momentum allowing them to open a new class each year.

The Yeshiva will be headed by Rabbi Schneur Zalman Kaplan, head of the Yeshiva “Beit Menachem Mendel” (young emissaries) in Tzfas, who has many years of educational experience and is known for his fascinating technique and a unique educational approach.

The Menahel of the new Yeshiva will be Rabbi Shmuel Mishulovin, known for his work with bochurim over the month of Tishrei in Crown Heights.

The first meeting for the new Yeshiva was held on Tes Viv Elul, in which discussions on logistics and planning were held.

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