Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz On His Way To New York With Hatzalah Air

Chabad Shliach to Temecula California Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz who is battling ALS, took off this morning from California with Hatzolah Air. He is on his way to New York for his sons Bar Mitzvah.

by CrownHeights.info

Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, the Shliach to Temecula California, is now officially on his way to New York.

Rabbi Hurwitz, who is battling ALS, a disease that has left him unable to speak or move, wrote a letter to the public using a special eye gaze communication system. In the letter, he notifies anash of his planned trip, and writes that the trip “….is a big undertaking for my wife, family, friends, and the Hurwitz family fund. I am grateful to them for making this trip possible, I don’t know when I will be able to do it again.”

Rabbi Hurwitz took off Wednesday morning in a Hatzolah Air Jet, and is scheduled to land in New York the same evening. He is accompanied by family, as well as a team of medical professionals.

Rabbi Hurwitz will be in New York from September 4th through September 11th. If you would like to visit, please text or whatsapp the following number (917)634-0706 or email rabbi@chabadwestvillage.com.

To help with the cost of travel, please donate at hurwitzfamilyfund.com.

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