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The Rebbe Will Find A Way To Answer, A Three Way Story

The following story is circulating on social media, and shows how the Rebbe will find a way to answer. This powerful story highlights the fact that there is no such a thing as a coincidence, and miracles do happen in our time.

During the week before Tisha B’Av 5779, one of my neighbors was at the Ohel, standing near the “information booth” when two Litvishe bochurim approached the “information bochur” with a query. “We came here to ask something of the Rebbe and we were told that the Rebbe would find a way to answer our questions and requests. Please explain to us how that is possible,” they asked.

The “information bochur” became very excited, and with a big smile told the boys to look toward the “coffee area”. There they saw a man and a women engaged in conversation, and watched as the man took out his check book, filled out a check and gave it to the woman before leaving.

The bochur then explained that among the many people who come to the Ohel, not very many approach me to share the reason for their visit. But, about a half hour ago, the woman approached me and explained the reason for her visit. She had recently decided to enroll her son in an orthodox yeshiva, but lacked the funds to pay for tuition. She had approached a certain chesed organization with her plight, and they provided her with a portion of what was needed, suggesting she go to the Ohel of the Rebbe regarding the balance.

When she arrived, not knowing what to do, she approached me asking for help. After being being instructed how to write a PAN, she went into the Ohel.

Upon leaving the Ohel, she went to the “coffee area” for some refreshments. At that moment, a man exited the Ohel and approached me with his own question. Following his visit to the Rebbe, he had decided to provide a very substantial sum toward Jewish education, and inquired if I had any suggestions that I could give him in that regard.

I immediately indicated the woman at the “coffee area,” and suggested he speak with her.

Apparently the Rebbe found an immediate way to answer the woman, the man and you two bochurim simultaneously!

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