Worlds First Siyum of the 9 Days in Sydney

The first Siyum of the 9 days the world over, was made last night in Sydney Australia. The Siyum Maseches took place at the Chabad Shtieble, at 41 Flood street, Bondi, NSW, Australia, and was followed by refreshments and L’chaim.

The Siyum was made by Harav Hashliach Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok HaCohen sheyichye Feldman, son of the Rebbe’s head shliach Harav Pinchus HaCohen sheyichye Feldman.

As the Rebbe requested, at the siyum participated men, woman and children.

Besides refreshments, fish, drinks and L’chaim, everyone participated in the three pillars of Torah, Tefilah and Tzedokoh.

A siyum will be held nightly, as per the Rebbe’s instruction.

If you can help sponsor a future siyum, or can donate towards one, תבוא עליהם ברכה, anything you can give would appreciated.

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